never have dental major work again:

So you're here to find out what you can do to make sure you never need major dental work ever again.

No root canals?

No tooth extractions?

No deep cleanings?

Let me start with a recent observation that led me to an ethical dilemma:

We have many extremely dedicated patients here at The Healthy Smile. By dedicated, I mean patients that come in to our office for cleaning, exam, and x-rays every 6 months. These patients are so dedicated that before they even leave our office, they already have their next cleaning appointment set up and scheduled.  Once in a while, one of these patients need a small filling, or a crown on a tooth that is beginning to fracture, but, for the most part, these patients are coming in for a cleaning and I take a quick look and send them on their way.

Are these patients just wasting their time? Am I just taking advantage of these patients by making them come back twice a year? If they have such great teeth, should I start having them come in only once a year or even every 2 years?

We also have many "less dedicated" patients at our office.. These are patients that show up once in a while, when they remember, because somebody told them to come in, because their teeth feel dirty, but most of the time because something is broken, hurting, or bleeding. For these patients, once things have gotten to the point where something is broken and hurting, we are at the point of needing to do root canals, posts, bridges, extractions, dentures, and deep cleanings. Yikes.

What am I doing wrong? These are the patients that need to be in for cleanings and exams every 6 months! To be honest, these patients should be in my office every week to make sure they're taking care of their teeth.

And the answer to our original question and my dilemma is right there in front of us.  Keeping up a regular schedule of seeing the dentist every 6 months makes the difference between minor dental work and major dental work.  When patients give me the chance to see them regularly, I am able to find cavities before they get to the nerve thereby requiring root canals. I am able to diagnose tooth grinding before teeth begin to break.  I am able to help change brushing and flossing habits before gingivitis turns into periodontitis and teeth start getting loose.

To add another layer to this, if you have dental insurance, without exception, you get 2 free cleaning and exams a year. For FREE. These appointments cost you nothing but time, and can save you a ton of money and a ton of discomfort. (Dentists don't like to use the word pain, but its pain.) Take advantage of the benefits that you are paying for and get yourself in the position to avoid needing dental work ever again.  

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